This Crazy Vid From Campbell River Shows What It Looks Like When An Octopus Sucks On Your Face

‘Oh, yeah, it was insane.’

Octopus attaches itself to local diver's face.
Octopus attaches itself to local divers face. West Coast Now/ Canva

Andrea Humpreys says she has a hickey on her lip from when an octopus near Campbell River sucked on her face. 

Photo via Andrea Humphreys on Facebook.

The local teacher is an experienced diver and during a recent trip near the Argonaut Wharf she had an experience she’ll never forget.

Her and four diving buddies encountered a 10-foot octopus that definitely wasn’t shy around humans. 

“It had climbed on my camera like a bunch of times and at one point it was on my body, like, kind of engulfed over my stomach area giving me a hug,” Humphreys told the Campbell River Mirror. “The only exposed part of my body was my mouth and several times it had a tentacle up over my mouth and my regulator; on my lip and I could feel it, like, sucking in the suckers on my lip.”

Photo via Andrea Humphreys on Facebook.

“Oh, yeah, it was insane,” she added.

What’s even more amazing is that Humphreys was able to film the whole thing. Watch the video here

“I’ve been diving for 12 years. Six-hundred-and-fifty dives and never had an encounter like that,” she told CHEK News. “It was exhilarating.”

Andrea is a talented underwater photographer. Make sure you check out her work on Instagram @reallifemermaidphotography

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