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Geoff Dembicki

Managing Editor

Geoff Dembicki is a long-time journalist and author who’s spent time all over the province but feels most at home on the coast, preferably watching the sunset with a nice cold drink.

Deborah Jones

Senior Correspondent

A writer, photographer, and lifelong learner, she grew up in Yellowknife, reported from throughout Canada, and explores BC from a Vancouver home shared with her husband and two Scottish collies.

Sara Wylie

Senior Video Correspondent

Sara Wylie is a video producer and documentary filmmaker from B.C. In her spare time, she enjoys long walks on the beach with her chihuahua, Rudy.


Dan Mesec

Multimedia Producer/ Publisher

Dan Mesec has called the Bulkley Valley home for more than 13 years. As a journalist he has covered everything from Thaltan blockades to wild salmon runs on Lake Babine. He lives in Smithers, BC with his wife and son. 

Emmelin Leclerc

Social Media Officer

Emmelin Leclerc is a full-time student at Vancouver Island University. She is an avid supporter of wearing bright colours and can’t live without the smell of the ocean.